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June 5, 2016

We are transplanted New Englanders..   Rhode Island  originals.. Then on to Massachusetts….. Finally to Missouri..

Our home is nestled on 140 acres.. We raise Black Angus cross beef cattle.. Starting our herd with 4 longhorn cows, three horned Herefords and crossing to our  registered  Bub Ranch Black Angus Bull…. Now boasting a main herd of 47 including the original girls and their offspring.. Our bull calves born on the ranch go to “camp”.. When they reach 450 lbs or so..  Our cattle are friendly.. Coming when called for “cow cookies”’..

We also enjoy raising quality Bullmastiff pups.. We are hobby breeders.. Averaging a litter every 18 months or so..  Our dogs are family members.. Inside house pets.. AKC registered..

Riding horses is our passion.. We offer quality sport horses and encourage prospective buyers to visit the farm..  Riding our trails to select a choice equine partner for whatever riding discipline they choose.

For visitors with no equine interest.. We offer fishing in our stocked pond.. Canoeing .. Hammock resting.. Serenity at it’s finest!!